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Sunday, June 08, 2008

"What's a Bubbie"

"What's a Bubbie?"

My daughter is three-years of age.  Both of sets of her grandparents are living.  She has a Nonie and Grand'Daddy; a Nana and a Papa.   There is also and a great-grandmother, and a great-grandfather  still living as well.  Great-Grandma E just passed this past Dec. 24 and Great- Grandpa B passed earlier last year.    All the great-grands are my husband's grandparents, none of my grandparents are living and they all passed on when I was young-er.  
But the focus today is on her Bubbie....

Today, my daughter and I spend the afternoon visiting my parents.  We were gathered at the kitchen table, just the ladies- my mother, myself and my daughter, when suddenly "Bubbie" came to mind.  My mother and I started reminiscing about Bubbie.  I recounted her living just long enough to be present at my wedding.  My mother, wishfully spoke aloud: " I wish Bubbie could be here to see our girl." (referring to my daughter).   My daughter as she always does, turned her head back and forth while following the conversation and during a conversational pause, she asked, "what's a Bubbie Mumma?"   I thought it was the cutest question.  I of course went on to explain who Bubbie was and explained that she didn't live nearby for us to see her, but how we wished that they could have met.  I told her that she would have really had a lot of fun during visits with Bubbie.  "Bubbie would have loved you so much" I explained.  

Bubbie Jean, was a woman who our family came to know many years ago.  I had no grandparents living, so she took on the grandmother role for me.  She was always cared about what was going on in my life, concerned about me, how I was feeling and coping with a recently ended relationship.  She was so overjoyed for me when became involved with "a new guy" and when I became engaged to that "new guy" my husband.  Her presence at the wedding is one of the most memorable memories of my wedding for our family.  I recall her saying "I wouldn't miss it for the world"

Bubbie Jean, was involved in the infancy stages of what is now well-known as the Cheese Cake Factory.  She and her cousin baked cheese cakes from a kitchen in metro-Detroit.  She didn't continue on in the business because her cousin and her cousin's husband moved to California and the empire grew from there.  I can't help but to think of (my) Bubbie every single time I hear the word(s) cheese cake or Cheese Cake Factory.   I wish David would name a sandwich after his Auntie Jean.   That would be nice.  

Having a Bubbie is another instance of my mixed experience and I love it!
Bubbie, we miss you!

© 2008 T. Fatimah Williams -MixedRoots

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