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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mixed Experience at Morehouse

Mixed Experience at Morehouse

The Valedictorian from -HBCUs- Morehouse- Joshua Packwood

Joshua Packwood will graduate on May 18, with a reported perfect 4.0 GPA in economics from the all-male Morehouse college.
This young man's popularity gained him the title dorm president when he was just a freshman. He's a Rhodes Scholar finalist,
he's headed to a well-earned job at a prestigious investment banking firm in New York city, he 22-years-old and
none of that is what makes this information it's most compelling point.... Did you catch that I noted Morehouse as an HBC?
That's a Historically Black College and this kid is white! For the first time in the history of the college, they will graduate a white valedictorian.

Now this is a great mixed experience story. A white guy, at a historically black college, gained the "trust" and popularity of his peers and more importantly an education on perspective! Here's a quote from Joshua:

"I've been forced to see the world in a different perspective, that I don't think I could've gotten anywhere else," he said. "None of the Ivies, no matter how large their enrollment is, no matter how many Nobel laureates they have on their faculty ... none of them could've provided me with the perspective I have now."

I'm happy to know he rejects the notion that he was accepted to Morehouse as a "token white recruit" but instead was selected based on his merits. As I delved deeper into his story, I learned that he has mixed-race siblings and his mother was married a "brotha". What's funny is his freshman roommate- an African American- came to Morehouse looking to get a "black experience" after growing up being one of the few blacks in the schools he attending prior to high school graduation and he's gets roomed with the ONLY white kid in the class.

I wonder who'll get the rights to their story?! Sounds like a good movie to me!

information for this blog obtained from cbs.com

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