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Tuesday, June 03, 2008



I attempted to blog a bit earlier when I heard the hard news that tonight indeed may be a sweet, historical moment for: All of America,  Mixed Race America, for Black America, for the world.  Sen. Barack Obama should clinch the Democratic nomination for Presidency tonight!  Then, I haulted with pause because, while I feel celebratory, the news is all about Sen. Hilary Clinton who won't give up the fight.  She turned this into a fight.  She works feverishly to do a little more than offer herself as a public servant.  As a woman, I am proud of her, I am.  However, something, somehow rubs me the wrong way because she has revealed something of herself  through the use of particular tactics. There seems to be something behind her face of grace, which is conflicting.   My question is why is she - or shall I say her campaign- positioning her campaign to put pressure Sen. Barack Obama to select her for choice for the Vice Presidential candidate.  Should that be his decision? This tactic may only drive a deeper wedge within the party, especially,  should Sen. Barack Obama decide not to ask her to be on the general election ticket.  

So there I sat, poised to blog in bliss but oddly torn behind the energy that crept into the day.  I chatted with a dear friend of 19 years and he directed me to this... 

I'm curious to know the outcome.  I won't be sad if Sen. Barack Obama didn't take Hilary on the ticket.  I do have huge hope that Hilary will find the grace, I believe she has and back Barack whole-heartedly tonight. She's apparently had plentiful opportunity to apologize for what you just saw and has not.  It's possible that she's quite resentful, because she nor her entire campaign could anticipate that Barack Obama could snatch what the Clintons believed to be theirs.  Afterall, she had the party on her side, she had the money, the legacy, the lead in points and suddenly to paraphrase Barack's  self description: "the skinny guy with the funny name" comes out of nowhere raising fist-fulls of money, engaging millions of citizens and bringing them into the political process using the internet, and delivering speeches that even folks across the party lines are moved by.  Sen. Clinton, simply didn't expect it and I imagine is having a tough time managing this type of inevitable defeat.

Something which is curious to me...the media has in large part, kept this issue of her reference to Bobby Kennedy under the radar. Why? I hope its in an effort not to dignify her comments, yet something in me since I know how journalism works through and through- dignity is not the reason for the hush on this.   Are her comments unforgivable?  As horrible as the comments are, or the implications may be, I believe it's better to find a way to forgive.  Forgiveness breeds better energy and helps to bring us all back to center.   
Peace be on our nation tonight and beyond!    

© 2008 T. Fatimah Williams -MixedRoots

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