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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thrilled with progress

I've been working on my book: the concept, the outline, the interviews, the research and now the manuscript for more than a year and counting. It's been tedious at times.  I'm a mom; a wife; I run my home and Mixed Roots Movement and I manage our property that my husband and I lease- that, being a landlord is often a job in itself- additionally, I manage my photography.  My schedule is always full, never much time for the lil pleasures I once enjoyed: a manicure, a massage.  But life is good despite the void and the blessings come in different forms.   I've been very fortunate to gain the sincere support of several people on my project.  Today, the person who is writing the foreword for the book, emailed me to say they LOVE the pages they read from the book and they are working to complete the foreword this month.  

It's premature to make any announcements just yet. But I'm happy about the steady progress! Stay-tuned!  

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