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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Politicians and Leaders

Politicians & Leaders

Something became clear to me this past week, on Tuesday in fact.   Sen. Hilary Clinton's  speech Tuesday night-the night when Sen. Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee-was telling.

The choices we make tell the world something about us.  What I learned that evening is that Hilary is a Politician.   Simply put.    There are good ones,
 mediocore and bad ones.  I happen to think Hilary is a good one.   

But I like a leader.   

Barack Obama, is in my opinion a leader. 
 There are leaders in every field, in all careers.  It's not something of which can be contrived- it's a natural gift.   Some use the gift properly, for good and wisely, while others use the gift with ill intent.  I believe Barack Obama, has demonstrated his desire to be a good and respected public servant, one who serves the people.  I believe he could become the people's President

I've always enjoyed watching him on the Sunday news programing.  I've appreciated much of what he has to say and some of his positions.   I don't yet know if he's a leader or a politician.  
But I believe he's competing against a leader for certain.

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