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Monday, September 15, 2008

Selling Bigotry under political pretense

Selling Bigotry under political pretense, calling it satire.

These two guys are just distasteful any way you look at it. And Lou Dobbs endorsed the product!!  I guess that doesn't surprise me. This is a serious product laced with bigotry! 

I really have no words beyond than to say...this is just another sad but true demonstration of the negative hateful energy that is thrust about.  Do people really harbor so much negativity and hate within?   If you read this post today, please do your part to tip the weight of energy towards positive today.  Do a small (or large) act of kindness in an effort to spread some positive energy around the world.  I just can't understand why people are so quick to go negative!!!!!  I guess it takes more integrity and more overall energy to go or stay positive.

Fight the good fight! Stay Positive, it benefits us all!

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