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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speech of a Lifetime

Speech of a Lifetime!!

Barack Obama will deliver what will be a historical speech on several levels.
I'm happy that Hilary seemingly endorsed or threw her support behind Sen. Obama this week, urging her supporters to examine their position in this campaign and what they are voting for. I think in a sense she was saying don't abandon the cause, just because I'm not the nominee.  I'm just disappointed that she didn't outright note that [Obama] "He is ready to lead".  But her husband, William Jefferson Clinton communicated that very notion in his speech the last night, which was a happy moment.  He also, opened his speech saying "I'm honored to be here to support Barack Obama."  Thanks Bill!

Interesting campaign AD here by McCain.  I like it. It's the McCain of old.  By that, I mean it's the McCain I used to watch  on Sunday morning news for several years way prior to this campaign.  It's classy, but I can't help but to think because things are still political, that there's something hidden woven in there.  Probably not, right?  

So it's on the 45th anniversary of the march on Washington, the National Mall, a historical speech -- I HAVE A DREAM -- (that I blogged about here previously) was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr.  to more than two-hundred, fifty thousand people!

Mr. Barack Obama:
I'm so honored to witness your passion, service and brilliance.  You have truly inspired millions, countries and continents through your dedication to serve and move toward positive change.  You have also ignited a unique special interest in the mixed-race experience and I thank you, we all thank you.  Through G-d, you will continue to serve not only our country, but the global community.    Keep on the positive path, positive actions must conquer the effects of negative energy.  I'm certain your Democratic Nomination acceptance speech will be historical, and I will be-- as they say-- glued to the TV!  (as will be my three-year-old daughter)

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