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Friday, August 29, 2008

On the heels of visions of Victory: Gutsy or Gimmick, Responsible or Reckless??

On the Heels of visions of Victory: Gusty or Gimmick? Responsible or Reckless? 

Senator Barack Obama hit it out of the football stadium last night. (I'll forever call it Mile High... Denver has been my team since the early 90's!)  This DNC is being talked
 about and referred to as one of the BEST in history.  

He did his job, gracefully and humbly accepted the nomination and 
fired up his team and now they're ready to go.  

Gutsy or Gimmick?  Responsible or Reckless?
Sarah Louise Heath Palin.  What in the world?  Is this risky or what? What if this ticket wins and she for any reason has to be the President.  She's younger than Obama, has less --broad-span Washington-- experience than Obama. It's rumored she has no international experience at all- NONE.  I don't think she'll be able to debate Sen. Biden.  I don't doubt she is accomplished in her own right and has perhaps even proved a good public servant in her two-years as Governor of Alaska.  Even with her self expressed (13 years) experience, she certainly can't compare to HIlary's accomplishments (which seems like what they're attempting to do with their references to Hilary and the 18 million cracks in the glass) so how can her presence pull the women's vote?  So what is she doing on the ticket?  

She's served as mayor, to a town of 9,000!  Okay, lets talk about executive(ship)  She's a Governor. True. But to a state, that has is less populated, than are some CITIES in my home state of Michigan. It's our nation's third least populated state. I would hope that our nation's VP would have had some "real" conflict resolution, budget experience and so forth. What is going on in Alaska, that has prepared her for this nomination or the job?  Not long ago, in 2002 Alaska just reached a popluation just over 600,000 and currently boasts a population of just around 750,000- and that's among the most generous estimates. The city of Chicago is populated by just shy of 3 MILLION, and Chicagoland (nearby cities & suburbs) has a population of 9.5 MILLION.  Shall we explore the entire STATE OF ILLINOIS? Nay, I think the picture and point is clear.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around this announcement today.  I think this is an unfair position to put Palin in. You can't throw an egar woman on the ticket as your running-mate and think she's gonna soak up the Hilary Rodman Clinton supporters.  Ain't gonna happen!   Palin is PRO-LIFE, so she'll pull in those women, but I'd debate that the majority of Clinton supporters are PRO-CHOICE- Palin is conservative.  I really believe the McCain campaign pulled this "stunt" with a determined goal to secure the female votes they believe are lingering in the "I don't know, I'm still not sure" balance.  Well if this selection to WIN at any cost, doesn't sober up the Clinton supporters who have been stuck on the fence coming out of the primary, I don't know what will.  All I can say is: "DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!"  I heard McCain only met her one time.

It clearly seems like this is a hail-mary attempt to pull women voters. THEORY: What if the Republican party thinks  McCain's chance to defeat Obama is slim or will be so tough, that this move is the seemingly only option.  It's bold, it's a campaign driven move and it's less about the people, or serving the people of the country and more about the WIN.   Could it be a plan for the future elections to come- post President Barack Obama.  They realize Obama has changed the face of how campaigns are run and they know as a party, they've not
had a woman nominee before, so they're prepping for the future.  Yet, all the while, hopeful that this bizarre move could pull off an upset. If this republican tactic works, it will truly be one of the most gutsy moves and biggest payoff we'll see in a long, long time. But honestly, does McCain or the Republican party think women are like sheep?  We don't just herd behind one another, sorry.  We have brains, and they work, and well. We can be discerning and believe me we will be!  This is a big big decision and it's not simply about the advancement of women, it's much much more than that.

I like what one woman said in response to this selection."What does McCain think women are like... Legos?  That you can take one woman out and put another one in?"   Okay, right about now... I'd love to see Hilary and her in a debate.  Whoa!    But I guess we'll get to see how it pans out with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin-  Interesting.  

Speaking of interesting.  A note on political FASHION....Did anyone else find her choice in a suit color
interesting?   I've not noticed a female in politics wear a Black suit.   Hues of red maybe. Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and even Pink, but not Black or a Blue so deep that it looks Black- interesting.  

My curiosity won't let me rest on this question.... What gave the nod to Sarah Palin and not Governor M. Jodi Rell(R) of Connecticut.  Or he could have really shaken things up by selecting Linda Lingle-the first female and first Jewish governor of Hawaii.

Happy Birthday Senator McCain. 72 years old! 

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