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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Barre in this political dance raises again

The Barre in this political dance raises again

"Lipstick."  That's the difference between a pitbull and a self-professed "hockey mom" says Sarah Palin in her RNC speech.  Okay. I kinda like this momchick.  She might make sipping the Kool-aid seem okay.  But let me be clear, I only bleed red, my politics are Blue- just like my university... GOooooo Bluuuue!

Seriously speaking, I don't get caught up in political labels- I've had enough of labels and separation in my lifetime.  I just happen to feel aligned with Blue more often.  

My reaction to the "Big Night".... She historically changed the face of the Republican party forever! Whoda thunk it.  I didn't like her hits on Barack.  She mocked him and his campaign quite a bit, but I know that's the climate and par for the course and I guess it's even her job in this phase of the campaign. 

I think much of America fell in love with a lady named Sarah tonight.  She presented herself and her family as very normal, everyday folks.  I actually think she is too.  One thing tugs away at me though.  What if that pregnant teen girl had been Chelsea Clinton?  Would the republicans extend this exact same forgiving and loving kindness towards her and her parents and especially to Hilary?  Or would they say, Look Hilary can't even manage motherhood and keep her (only) child out of "trouble", how's she gonna manage the affairs of national government?  The heroism in this could be viewed as a self-righteous double standard- I'm just saying.... 

I was stunned by some of the immediate comments following Palin's speech.  Suddenly delivering a great speech in the face of her turmoil filled week ( clearly a reference to the announcement of her pregnant under-age seventeen-year-old daughter) makes her a LEADER that the Republican party can be proud of.    Skkkkuurrrt!!   Rewind. Come again.  Delivering a great speech makes her a LEADER that the Republican party can be proud of.   I get it. I understand it, because that's just the type of chick I am. I'm understanding and I try to be open. So yeah I can see how they can equate ONE speech to her being a potential good leader.  I had that same feeling on July 27, 2004.   But what's up with the sudden change of [republican] heart?   Haven't many in the party made statements referring to Sen. Barack Obama... a good speaker yes, but a leader that does not make him.  Is he ready to lead? That's been the badge and shield- and the battle cry the entire campaign (of those who oppose him.) Well, the barre is raised again on Barack.

So with that said... in the words of John McCain  "My Friends"....  I seriously think Barack Obama is better suited as a WORLD LEADER.  United Nations maybe?



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