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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Daughter the Mind

My Daughter the Mind

Are you kidding me?!   I just can't get over what a memory my daughter has.  It has become, lets just say... quite an impressive item to witness.  

Last year, I took her to a doll/teachers shop to browse around, they always have such cool things for children and teachers alike.  The shop is located on a busy street with limited parallel parking at the storefront and all the parking lots for all stores and restaurants are located behind the stores.  So not to be bothered with the inevitable circle around the street to find a storefront parking spot, we never passed the front of the store, we drove to the back taking a side street that precedes the storefront.  (okay, so we never drove pass the front door)

Three weeks ago, we drove past the doll/teacher's storefront and my daughter said-- totally taking me by surprise-- "Oh momma, we went there"  I was amazed. I've been thinking about ever since... "how did she recognize that store"  I still don't know for certain, but my theory is she may have photographically memorized a logo that she saw repeatedly in the shop or perhaps while passing the storefront she caught a glimpse of the store's interior and it reminded her of where she'd been before.  I understand all this is possible, but what I guess I didn't know --only having one child-- is that all this is possible at only age THREE!  Mind you, she was only two-years-old when we went to the store. 

So if that's not enough, hows this one?  I was one of those "new moms" that obsessed about everything over her child. I'm not ashamed either. It's my motherhood, and I manage it how I like, that you very much :) I never gave my daughter one jar of baby food, I made everything, (well I didn't bake bread) and she only ate food from Whole Foods Market the first two years of her life, then we got off the wagon and ventured across the street to Trader Joe's.  I made fresh fruit smoothies and I even made her popciles.  She didn't have candy until after her third birthday, she still doesn't know what the golden arches are (mcdonald's) and she enjoys CNN, I'm not kidding, she recognizes political figures!  She eats avocado, lots of berries and loves broccoli.  

So here's the thing, I never liked to take my daughter to the hair salon, because of all the chemicals in the air.  But there have been a few rare occasions that she has been with me in the salon.  One day, she was with me for the duration of my service (and she was such a good girl too).  This day must have been at least 9 months ago now.  Yesterday, I popped into the salon on the way to the gym, my daughter in tow.  I was caught up in conversation with my stylist when I heard his assistant--Michelle-- say, "I can't believe you remember my name!"  That's when Michelle looked at me in both disbelief  sheer joy and said "She remembered my name"  I said "no she didn't, she's only met you once", My stylist at by this time, was all in too, saying "did she really, Michelle?"  So I asked my daughter, "how did you remember her?"  To which she replied, "I just did".  Well, then she wanted to show off, so she turned to my stylist and said "is your name Hoff?"  He said- with a big smile- "Yes it is, wow, you have some memory kid"  I was so proud.  But I have a confession to make.  I'm still trying to figure out how she remembers things soooo well.  It's crazy.  Well, I guess her memory is nothing compared to her imagination.  She's had an imaginary pet dinosaur since she was two years and 5 months!  Not only that, but she three months after developing the pet, she gave the thing a first and a last name!  

Oh and by the way, I'm not as over-the-top with motherhood any longer. I've relaxed quite a
 bit.   My daughter, eats chocolate, ice cream, and lollipops. I even let her get her hands dirty once in a while :)

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