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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Champion doesn't mean metal

Champion doesn't mean GOLD metal: Lolo a class act
photo: nbcolympics.com
Lolo Jones ran hurdles last night.  She was favored to win the gold- she had the lead, then caught the 9th  hurdle, tripped up, lost the lead in the final seconds and didn't even metal.  She placed 7th!  That ending was not at all in her plan. It has proved to be among the most heart breaking moments of the games.  She broke away from a post-race interview, just for a second or two. Not to excuse herself to gain her composure nor to gather her emotions after a terrible misfortune but she quickly gave a congratulatory wish and  hug to the bronze medalist as she passed by during the interview.  

Lolo had to be hurting and experiencing severe disappointment, but
 didn't make excuses for the failed attempt at the gold, she didn't get caught up in the it's all about me syndrome.  She didn't complain, she
 simply showed an impressive display of grace, humility, dignity & class... and for that she's gets the --Mixed Roots-- GOLD!   
Lolo you rock!  We'll be cheering for you in 2012 when you take your mark in London!
Lori  Lolo Jones is --according to her usatf bio -- French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian heritage
photo: oakley.com

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