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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama referred to as an OREO: Just a matter of time!

Obama referred to as an OREO: Just a matter of time!  

Okay, the day before he was depicted as a terrorist, he was referred to as an "OREO".  I guess this was just a matter of time.  The country might begin to see the truth of what people think of a biracial person.  It's what's on the minds of people everywhere but it's rarely talked about: What to think of a black/white mixed person.

Naturally, you know Obama will rise above it. All of us mixed rooters will deal with it, but what about the children who are biracial (black/white mix) who hear this.  It's such a slap in the face, to Barack's esteemed position.  It's just as bad as using the "N" word in a way.  Why?  Because it's a term that is used to degrade or low-rate or put a mixed person in their place by both blacks and whites.  This use of this term leaves you no refuge as a mixed person.  Who do you draw support from when people from both sides of your mix call you this?  Only another mixed person can truly understand, relate and offer support.   I have been called an Oreo --among other things-- many times in my life.  And not doubt for the same reason Barack was referred to as such- for having a white mom and for having brown skin but being viewed as "not black enough" so my insides, my internal perceptions must be white not black.  The idea behind the term is to convey in the most harsh way... how can you "really" be black if you're part white?  You can't understand the struggle of being black so while you look black you're not one of us you're white as far as we're concerned.  

So now, if people are paying attention, they'll begin to see a real side of the "mixed experience".
For the RECORD, calling a mixed person an OREO is just wrong, anyway you look at it's wrong and should not be accepted!
Roland Martin.. you should have noted, (it would have been nice if you had anyway) that referring to Barack in this way is just wrong, but instead you said "him having a white mom is a qualifier". So to my point, sometimes a mixed-race person stands alone, when the ugly head of the mixed-race racism rears it's head ::: hear Roland's remarks on CNN.com videos

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