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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Featuring...Zoe Kravitz

Featuring.. Zoe Kravitz

Of course you remember Lisa Bonet ( a biracial actor, of the Cosby show & A Different World) and her former husband Lenny Kravitz- a biracial musician and son of Roxie Roker, actor (Helen Willis on "The Jeffersons).
Their daughter Zoe ( whoa, I remember when she was born!) makes an appearance on this video. It's similar to the "YES WE CAN"-- video that was featured in my "
Obama Fest" a while back.

Check it out.
    We Are the Ones -(we can change the world)

it takes a second or two to load and be sure to view it through to the very end.  (or here's a shorter version immediately below)

This is a similar with many sharing their opinions about Presidential candidate Barack Obama.
What stood out to me is that there is a young --self-identified mixed-- woman who shares her thoughts.

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