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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bravo Gen. Colin Powell!

Bravo Gen. Colin Powell!  

I'm not feeling celebratory because Gen. Powell endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for President of these UNITED states-- although I'm thrilled about it-- I'm actually delighted and thrilled that he spoke out, up and sensibly when he addressed a real issue that this country faces:  A sweeping detest of Muslims.

We really need to move beyond this hatred.  I'm so glad Powell commented on how members of the Republican party have been -wrongfully- permitted to suggest that there is something WRONG with being Muslim in this country.  Enough already!  Muslim and Terrorist are not synonymous.  Muslims by their faith are required to be peaceful, caring citizens of the world.
The actions and beliefs of some do not represent all.

Powell reflected upon a photo he saw in a magazine photo-essay.  Here's what he refered to.

I've been hammering this particular point from the beginning and I'm glad you pointed out that Obama, has crossed lines and has given us a more inclusive reach to what this country and the world should be about and Obama is demonstrating that.... All villages have value!   

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