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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Race on my mind again

Race on my mind again

This race subject -as a result of comments made by Rev. Wright- is still brewing amongst pundits as well journalist and bloggers.
I must admit that I haven't heard the comments in their entirety nor have I read a transcript, but as I posted previous I strongly believe that people should have some understanding of why many in a community- black people- have a particular feeling.

So here's an example of why there are people who have particular feelings about their experiences. I am a big boxing fan.
I recently learned some things.... How Joe Louis was treated by the United States government. When you've live in a time to experience these sorts of things and the experiences are based soley on your heritage and skin color....heck you're bond to have some feelings about it decades later. Understanding is all I'm suggesting...empathy.

Here's a promo to an HBO special-- JOE LOUIS: AMERICA'S HERO...BETRAYED-- that aired recently. It's interesting that this man carried a responsibility and the burden to represent a community of black people and then that of ALL of America. He was hailed an AMERICAN HERO when he beat the German and lifted the entire country. But was then forced to scrape for pennies as the government took and took from him. The impact of his contributions to the country and it's military were tossed aside and forgotten at a time when they should have meant something. One one hand he was the symbol of freedom and democracy in this country, but he wasn't afforded the freedoms his image represented- a sad story. Read the article above and you'll see comparison of how the German enjoyed MILLIONS with the help of Coca-Cola an American company.

I imagine this tragic story had something to do with why Muhammad Ali - the only human being I'd be in awe of to meet- was so secure in his decisions. It was his faith, yes, but I also believe it was too, in part because of how Joe was treated- I guess Ali said he served and was still treated like a dirty rag, so I'll be true to me, my faith and God and let the chips fall where they may...and sure enough he got GOT too, until the Supreme Court ruled in Ali's favor. Watch the documentary on Joe Louis if you can find it. I think this documentary alone could help many understand how people could feel the way they do.

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