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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Exhibit & Presentation- May 2008

Exhibit & Presentation- May 2008

I've been a busy mixed rooter, developing and producing projects and initiatives that support building awareness of the mixed race experience. I was born during the year of the riots in Detroit so it's as though I was destined to make a difference and be a bridge between differences. It's not always an easy role, but now more than ever I'm driven to do something...I must to help create an enviornment that is more understanding for my daughter and those of mixed roots between my generation and hers.
And beyond that I am passionate about reaching a real space where people of all race, ethnicity and religion are valued.

I'm a big believer that the arts are capable of shaping perceptions. Not all art reflects reality. I rarely if at all saw reflections of myself, my racially mixed family and my experience on tv or in film- quite frustrating ya know.
I'm hosting an exhibit/film festival this spring in an effort to provoke new thought.
The plan is to make this little thing grow each year.

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