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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Much ado about nothing...really

Much Ado about Nothing...really

My daughter-at age two- decided for herself that she was a supporter of Barack Obama. I promise you that for nearly two weeks in the winter of '08 she didn't mention Mickey Mouse much at all. The squeaky voice friend, got slipped to the back burner for the silky voice political figure called Barack Obama. One day just months shy of her 3rd birthday, she literally said "lets turn on the TV and see if Barack Obama is on Mumma" I was shocked and didn't know how to respond, I looked at her stunned, she smiled and said come on... lets see him, is he on! That request was far more sophisticated than the occasional recognition she would give when she'd catch a glimpse of him on TV and say his name without a single mis-pronunciation in her proclamation. Or when she would see an American flag anywhere...she'd say "look Mumma, it's for Barack Obama." I thought, ok she has some how, somewhere along the way determined that he and the flag are connected in theory some how. I thought how astute of her.

So this past weekend when I was searching barackobama.com for volunteer opportunities, I stumbled across an amazing opportunity to take a picture with him. I thought what a historical moment and wild opportunity that would be! Then I realized, of course that it was too good to be true. It was actually, that you could take a photo with a life size cut-out image of Barack Obama. I thought well in anycase it would be fun.... so when I asked my daughter- now three years of age- and oh so independent- would you like to go take a picture with Barack Obama? She replied, "yes, today?" I said, "yes, we can go as soon as we get ready". When I glanced through the options of what she could wear, I eyed jeans and a dress. She decided on wearing a dress and wouldn't settle for anything else. And nearly had a meltdown when I got a splash of water on it. I thought what is going on with her today. Well of course, she believed she was going to meet THE Barack Obama. When we arrived to the destination, she saw that silly ole' cut-out of him. She could care less that it was life sized. She asked every one in the place, "Where is Barack Obama?" "Is he behind that curtain?" "EXCUSE ME" "When is he coming out?" I felt so bad, I had to find a way to explain, delicately of course, that Mr. Obama wasn't actually there, but we could take a picture next to his picture. She wasn't too happy about it, but reluctantly did so. Later, when asked about her day and if she met Barack Obama, she told her granddaddy - my dad- "he didn't talk, it was just his picture" I believe she felt... "and I missed my nap today for this!"

Well it's a memory and a keepsake if nothing else.

International photograher Ifoma continues to offer this "photo op" on Livernois in Detroit. Check out barackobama.com for details. Thanks to my friends Eric and Ifoma for the photo and for the permission to share it on my blog.

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