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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Power of Diversity... at birth

The Power of Diversity...at birth!

I'm always thinking from a diverse perspective.

This diversity.. how is it attained and why do I often have difficulty in understanding why others don't or can't do the same. At some point, I guess I recognized that not everyone can manage that 'unique' perspective or that for some it takes a quite valiant effort to do so. The best hypothesis I've accepted is...As a biracial person, embracing "diversity" comes natural for me. I can't avoid it, really, I can't. even if I wanted to... it's just one of those things that is a part of me. I was born a symbol of diversity. I am diversity. The mere fact that people consistently have asked "what are you?" or "where are you from" reflects that I'm not easily categorized or put into a box. Yet there's always been the pressure to have me try. My diversity is different than a mono-racial woman who is: a mom, a wife, sister, a friend, an architect, a traveler, a writer, an antique collector, a gardener and so on. Yes, this is a description of a woman with diverse interests or a diverse background. Yet race and religion somehow really speak to a specific diversity that draws a note. So having said this... I've been noted all my life.

My existence and tools of navigation in life are rooted in profound diversity. I choose to relate to my diversity as a gift. I believe that a particular amount of responsibility comes with the gifts we each are given. Looking at my life's journey, I can't ignore that, the journey has it's purpose. I am and have been awakening to my life's purpose and I am thrilled and excited. I know it seems like a cliche to say, but the truth is, after the birth of my daughter, I look at life with an illuminated vision. There was an awakening of my mixed roots that over came me. The things I've written about, thought about and even kept to myself for years and years, have all found their way from their independant paths on the map of my life, to one path. It's all coming together.

There's power in motherhood- something happens when you give birth and then look at your child. My thoughts, opinions and interests have not changed, however how I approach it all has been altered into sheer action and purpose. Suddenly, I'm operating as though I'm on a deadline, after giving birth to my child. The "oh wouldn't that be nice" attitude has all but vanished and the mode of "I've got to do this", "it's time to do this" and "who is gonna do it if I don't" has taken over. And the beauty is, I'm moved by the desire to make a difference and bridge stubborn gaps not only for my daughter, but for all children, of all races, ethnicity and religion.

It's noteworthy to recognize that a formative flicker happened when I was immensely inspired by Sen. Barack Obama in the summer of 2004, when he opened his speech making reference to his diversity..his MIXED ROOTS. Mr. Barack Obama, I thank you for recognizing your gifts to influence polarizing positions towards unity and peace. Furthermore, thank you for taking up the responsibility of sharing, educating others and having faith that a racial & cultural background like yours, like mine, like ours and millions of others has a rightful and important place in American and world history. I stood before the television as you delivered your KEYNOTE ADDRESS, --you know the one...that they say made you a star-- in 2004 at the DNC. Already emotional-- with pregnancy hormones bursting about-- I became openly emotional as the truth and passion of your speech resonated with me, gave me chills and brought me to tears. Thank you, for your part in nurturing an awakening seed in me, that I could be aware and open to it's purpose when my daughter was born. Thank you for inspiring me.

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