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Friday, July 21, 2006

Who is behind MixedRoots?

Who is behind MixedRoots?

Trina Fatimah Williams

A creative arts enthusiast, T is a graduate of the University of Michigan. While studying Communications at the university she was selected to participate in a study-abroad at the University of West Indies on the island of Jamaica. This was the first exchange program to Jamaica for the University of Michigan, making her among the trailblazers in this regard. It was her travels to the island that peaked her love for the arts. It was then she adopted photography as a hobby. Just prior to graduating she was selected from a long list of hopefuls to work in the sports department at the NBC affiliate in Detroit, Michigan (WDIV). There, she gained the opportunity to prove that she could do more than just “get the coffee” and record stats. She landed the highly sought after first interview with a tight lipped Byron Sanders, brother of NFL hall of famer Barry Sanders during the Detroit Lions’ training camp. It had been rumored that his brother got him in and he was hopeful to earn spot on the team.

Ms. Williams went on to become a freelance writer/photographer. Her works have been published in a Washington Post owned magazine and newspaper, the Michigan Chronicle newspaper and on NBA.com. She appeared in Crain's Detroit Business, for her position with the Michigan Chronicle newspaper. She became the first ever Marketing and Promotions manager for the newspaper. She successfully drew in a younger readership for the publication by developing a hot new “Living” section, which catered to the “BET/MTV” generation. She has also been seen in Black Enterprise Magazine.

Maintaining her love for creativity, in addition to her portrait photography, www.imagesforlifephotography.com; she is working on developing great things for Mixed Roots, producing exciting and compelling photo-documentaries as well as two books.

For many years, Williams wanted to do something to support and serve the mixed race community. Growing up, she was frustrated with the television and film industry for not representing the mixed-race family and the unique personal and social experiences associated with being biracial or inter-racially married.

"Mixed" comes from her biracial heritage, and "Roots" comes from the history of her family name ~ Freeman. Her paternal blood line is rooted to slavery until her distant ancestors became free. Once free, they adopted a name to reflect such freedom ~ FREE MAN. Mixed Roots is her way to celebrate the diversity and diverse unions.

"Be open to conceive something different." -- T F Williams

© 2006 T. Fatimah Williams -MixedRoots

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