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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Imitating Life- the genetic factor-Appreciation

Art Imitating Life- the genetic factor

To my delight I saw this and was taken by the illustration by -a cuban artist-Ruben Toledo. The illustration graces the cover of the Nordstrom catalogue this month- and depicts a woman of color with blue/grey eyes. While gazing at it, I began to think about the wonders of how genetics function in making up a person's appearance. Part of my draw was not only the beauty of this illustration, but because the eyes of the woman in the illustration reminded me of my own daughter's eyes. I began to wonder was this illustration inspired by a woman Toledo knows? Is she of mixed race? Is she Cuban and do many Cubans have these characteristics. Then I stopped....and just appreciated the illustration and the wonder of genetics. So often people can become lost in how to classify a person, as opposed to appreciating the wonders of genetics.

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