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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Half-caste children: The story is similar around the world

Half-Cast Children: The Story is Similar Around the World

I had planned to scan my actual newspaper article of this earlier this year.  Well you know what happens with little bits of paper when you have a toddler.   So it crossed my mind again today so I thought I'd share this online article from the Guardian in the UK
The mixed children in Australia were taken - STOLEN- from their mother's and dopted into white families. The government apparently thought it was a good idea to raise the children in "white enviornments" essentially stripping them of their (full) culture and the loving arms of their mothers.   It's just sad.  

Listen to this: in one mixed-race Australian's own words
 'We lost our heritage, we lost everything'
Link to this audio

Here is another fascinating read on this issue of mixed children or half-castes being in between two worlds and the society trying to sort out what their fortune or misfortune should be.



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